We're all Connected

The diversity of life on Earth is not simply something to marvel over – it’s also vital for our own health and livelihoods.

Plants, animals, fungi, and microorganisms form a complex, interconnected web of ecosystems and habitats that provides our life support system. They give us clean water, breathable air, food, medicine, energy, and much more. We simply cannot survive without them.

There’s a problem however. We are using nearly 30% more natural resources than the Earth can replenish and our activities are drastically changing the planet’s climate.

As a result the life support system is starting to break down. Millions of people are already feeling the consequences. And things will get much worse if we keep going the same way.

What you can do

There is some good news though. By taking simple actions you can help save our planet and the life support system that protects us all.

Join in

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Take action

Take action online for on the ground results. Join WWF Passport and take action online as part of WWF's environmental campaigning community.

Spread the word

Send free WWF e-cards to your friends and family. Or use one of these banners, buttons or widgets to get the message across.

Live a greener life

Whether you are at home, out shoping or on vacation you can make a real difference to the planet by taking simple everyday actions. Find out how you can be more Earth-friendly in your own life.

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